Word Counter and Frequency Tool

What is the importance of word frequency to the internet?

Search engines and directories now use artificial intelligence to analyze the web as they produce sorted search results. Knowing the frequency of words used in your web design will give you more of an idea how these means of artificial intelligence view your web pages.
This service is a useful tool to the web designer.             Note: Control V or Edit Menu to paste

ATTENTION: Read Technical Notes before using.

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Technical Notes:

  • Uses your computers processing power.
  • Browser window may fade while word count is processing; be patient.
  • After 40K or about 5000 words (6 typed pages) you may receive warning: "Script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slow ... Do you want to abort script?" The abort option is not a fatal error.  You can continue to process, depending on your system resources.
  • Text heavy with symbols like HTML code and mathematical equations may also produce this warning.
  • "Runtime Error" on Line 175 means you did not push the "COUNT WORDS" button first.  You must push it first so all variables are assigned values.  This is not a fatal error.  You can continue to process by pushing "COUNT WORDS".
  • Test the amount of text your system can process by starting with a single page of text and then increasing in increments.

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