• With the Status Bar Message Code Generator you can custom create JavaScripts
    to display multiple messages on the status bar with different effects.
  • Just add the message or as many messages you want to appear.
  • Choose the effect to use e.g. scroll, one letter at a time etc. Then choose number of times message to appear.
  • Speed and other options can be changed depending on effect used.
  • Preview allows you to see it in action, if OK click Generate to make custom code in box below.
  • Highlight code, COPY (Ctrl+C), then PASTE (Ctrl+V) into HEAD section of you HTML page

Status bar messages:

Add status bar message:

Choose an effect:

Repeats type: Continuous times.

Speed of effect: (smaller is faster).

Additional options for selected effect:

Generated Code: [Highlight all]

Your script is ready. Highlight the generated code.
Copy it to the Clipboard and paste it into the HEAD section of your page.


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