Rainbow Arch Scripts      Pop Up Maker

Include a link in your new window that will allow your visitor's to close the window with a click of their mouse! Just copy and paste the code below into the BODY of the HTML document you are using for your new window:

Tool info:
This tool will create code for a JavaScript Pop-Up Window. Simply fill out all of the fields below, and click Create Code. This tool has been tested on Windows '98 98SE ME 2000 XP with Netscape Communicator 4.76, Netscape 6, Opera 5.02 and Internet Explorer 6.
You must have JavaScript enabled!

Note: Top and Left must be a number! This is the position on the page where you want the new window opened (in pixels from top & left). If you leave any of the fields blank, default values will be used.

Url of document to open in window
(eg: http://www.newplace.com/index.html)

Desired Width
Width in pixels. (eg:450)
Desired Height
Height in pixels. (eg:275)

Name of window
Choose a name (1 word only)
Open my window


 If you chose form button or link to open, place this code within the BODY of your HTML document.
 If you chose on page load or unload, use this as your BODY tag, (adding your own bg, text and link colors afterwards).

[copy and paste within the HEAD of your HTML document]

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