Rainbow Arch Drop-Down Menu Maker

  • Instructions
  1. Fill in the required information
  2. Generate the source (button at bottom)
  3. Preview your script (button at bottom)
  4. Copy and Paste the 'Source Code' into your HTML page

  5. Style Sheet options work only in Internet Explorer 4+.
  6. If you choose Load selected page immediately, no action occurs for the first Link URL.
  7. Leave Link URL blank on the lines where you want the text entry to act as a divider or a menu header.

Menu Options
Use GO Button:
   Load selected page immediately
   Use default form button 
   Use image button 
Menu Properties:
Menu Name    
(change menu name if multiple menus on one page)   
Target Window    
Target Name    
Dropdown Menu Entries:
Text Shown Link URL

Style Sheet ?
Check the above box to enable
these Style Sheet options.
Text Color Background Color
    [ pick ]     [ pick ]
Font Family Custom Font
Font Style Font Size

Source Code: