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A perfect set of Tools for you to build, improve and promote your site.
Cascading Style Sheets
(CSS) Code Generator
hot tool
CSS Code Generator makes it easier to create your
Cascading Style Sheets.

By separating layout from content, CSS makes it easier to create and maintain websites. One style sheet can even be used to style an entire site. By updating that one file you instantly update your site.

Scrollbar Color Generator
This handy generator will build your Scrollbar Colour code for you.
Just use the drop downs to fill in the colours and see how it will look in the instant preview window.
When your are happy with the look of your scrollbars, hit the COPY button and then paste into the HEAD section of your HTML document.

Marquee Generator   updated-improved
Are looking to create scrolling marquee, but don't know where to start? Well, You just found it! The first thing you need is a tool to create Marquee easy.

Word Counter  updated-improved
Perfect tool to calculate word count or frequency in any piece of text, to sort words in alphabetical order or letter frequency. Simple to use, just type or paste in the box and click the button for your word count.
Clock Generator    
Fed up hunting down that hard to find clock script,
the one with just your requirements and nothing else?
Simply select the options you require for your site and 'Clock Script Generator' will build the script you need.
Static or Dynamic time, any Time Zone, Daylight Saving, 12 / 24 hour also with or without any date combination and display in Title bar, Status bar or on the Web page.
Available :- English, Italiano, Franšais, Espa˝ol, Deutsch, Cymraeg, Nederlands or Polski

Status Bar Message Code Generator
With the Status Bar Message Code Generator you can custom create JavaScripts to display multiple messages on the status bar with different effects. Just add the message or as many messages you want to appear, choose the effect to use, then copy and paste.
Monthly Background Image
Code Generator

With this Background Image Code Generator you can custom create JavaScript to automatically display a different background image for each month of the year.
Drop Box Menu Generator
A more advanced version with 'targets' windows, frames or popups. Simply select the options you would like in your drop down menu, enter the text and URL for each listing, and click to generate the source code. Easy!
Menu Tree Maker
Simply a great Menu Tree Maker, enter the text and URL for each listing, and click the button to generate the source code. Colour and style can be changed on this expanding menu.
Drop Down Menu Generator
Simply select the options you would like in your drop down menu, enter the text and URL for each listing, and click the button to generate the source code. Easy!
Rainbows Text Generator
Text is typed into the box on the left and a colourized version results to the right. The HTML code listing is useful for copying and pasting into AOL Instant Messenger. By sending the HTML text, colourized text will be be recieved.
Keyword Generator Wizard
Keyword tags are important if you want visitors to your site. This Keyword Wizard makes the task of finding the right words easy.

Buttons Generators
All web pages need buttons so make them easily. For a moving background use the Animated Buttons Generator or a more simple MouseOver Buttons Generator.
Html Page Builder

Page Builder is a JavaScript-based HTML generator that can create cascading style sheets, resumes, marques, etc. Its Meta tag generator can add popular search items, eliminate duplicate words, and form plurals on its own. It also features a WYSIWG display that can show you how the code will appear as you type, a javaScript library, a marquee builder and much more.
This JavaScript runs best on IE 5+

Frames Page Maker

Build Frames pages with ease using this tool. Just fill in the boxes and then copy and paste the code.

Advanced Meta Tag Generator
This handy form will build your Meta Tags for you. Just fill it in, hit the CREATE META tags button, and your Meta Tags will be provided for you. Simply copy the lines of code and insert them between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags in your HTML document. That's it!

Colour Blender  updated-improved
Let the Colour Blender help you create color schemes that work, without the guess-work often employed by web designers. Not everyone has an eye for colour, but no longer does that mean you can't make great, colourful web sites!

These Web Tools are Free to use

The tools are free and to keep them that way please take time to visit our sponsors now and again.

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