Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Generator


You will be guided step by step through the CSS generator after you make a selection on "Step 1".

After Step 2 or 3 (depending on your selections) you may repeat the steps as often as you wish, starting with "Step 1".

Only Click on "FINISHED" at the bottom when you have added all of the selections (headings, links,etc.) you wanted in "Step 1".

Step 1:  
Step 2:
Step 3:   Background color or image ?:   YES   NO
Step 4: Choose a background color: 

Type in a background image source:

Paste CSS code below in between your <head></head> tags.


then click on the FINISHED button before copying any code.
Do not click the button more than once.
What? You DID click on it before you had finished - and you clicked it twice -
Okay read this to get yourself out of the mess.

Please leave our link in the code it will not be seen on your
page and will enable others to benefit from our services.

To test your CSS code using our default html, click "TEST CSS".

If you do click on the FINISHED button before you are ready - don't worry. Look for this code at the top of the text box with your CSS code in:

<style type="text/css">

and this code at the bottom:


and delete it. If you clicked on the button more than once, then that code will be repeated - delete it all. Make sure there is a line space above the CSS code once you have deleted though, if not insert one. You can now carry on with your selections until you have finished - but remember to then hit the FINISHED button again when you have finally finished and the code will be reinserted for you.


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