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This JavaScript program runs best on IE 5+.
Page Builder is a JavaScript-based HTML generator that can create cascading style sheets, resumes, marques, etc. Its Meta tag generator can add popular search items, eliminate duplicate words, and form plurals on its own. It also features a WYSIWG display that can show you how the code will appear as you type, a javaScript library, a marquee builder and much more.

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     This script makes creating HTML documents easy. It will code headers, tables and even cascading style sheets for you. That way you can create the best webapge possible without being an expert in HTML. It will also automatically generate links for several different subjects at the touch of a button. After you create the source code for your page [generate/ & view], you will still save the page on your computer and find a server to host that page. There are several free services including: Geocities, Tripod, Xoom, and Angelfire. After doing that I would recommend picking up a book on HTML and one on the web in general, and jazzing your page up a little.

            JavaScript HTML Editor: 3.62

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