Blinkie Tutorial


What you will need ?

What they are for.
  • MSpaint to make the individual frames for the blinkie. Most of you should have this first one.
  • Irfanview to convert the bmp files from MS Paint into GIFs. (also good image viewer) Freeware.
  • Paint shop pro is a very good photo/paint program. Free trial befor you buy. More info
  • UnFREEz takes GIF images, and creates a single animated GIF from those images. More info
  • Animation Shop an animation program that comes with PSP.

To make a blinkie, you can use either method A or B:

A, - Using Online Blinkie Maker, MSPaint, GiFFY 2, unFREEz 2.1.

#1.Either use a Blinkie Maker to assemble a blinkie  assemble a blinkie 
or make your own blocks to make a blinkie. (Blinkie Block Tutorial)
Then press the 'Print Screen' button (next to F12).

#2.Open MSPaint and paste the screen capture. Use the select tool select and a draw box around your blinkie as close to the edge as you can. Then in the Menu select Edit > Cut,   File > New,   Edit > Paste.

#3.Use Zoom Tool Zoom tool to make image bigger. Use the Fill Tool Fill tool to change background color to one not used in the image. Save it as 'base.bmp' in a new folder.

#4.Make the first letter the color you want. Then save it as '1.bmp'.

#5.Do the same thing with each letter/block and save them as 2,3,4,etc. and make one completely blank called 'blank.bmp'.

#6.Open GiFFY and convert each one (1,2,3,4,etc. and blank) to GIF format.

#7.Open unFREEz and put all of them in, in order.
Make the Frame Delay to 10. Save as your blinkies name and upload to your site!
  Rainbow Blinkie

B, - Animate using Animation Shop (Paint Shop Pro)

 #1.Follow A - #1, #2, and #3 above. Goto #2. below
OR Follow A - #1 above. Open PSP, right click and choose 'Paste as New Image'. Use crop tool crop and a draw box around your blinkie as close to the edge as you can. Double click inside box, then go to menu, choose, Edit > Copy. Open Animation Shop and 'Paste as New Animation'. Goto #3. below

 #2.Open Animation Shop. Open your Blinkie image base.bmp

 #3.Click on arrow and then your image so a red and blue border appears, then go to Edit > Duplicate Selected, and do this for as many times as you have letters. If you end up with extra frames, right click each extra frame and 'Delete'.

 #4.Click on the zoom tool zoomthen on the first frame to enlage image.

#5.Choose your color from the pallete.  colors  
Use the Brush brush or Fill tool Fill
to alter the first block/letter color.
Repeat color change with block two
in the second frame, then third etc...

 #6.To view animation click animate


 #7.To change speed of your animation:
   Select all frames [Ctrl + A], then [Alt + Enter] and change Display time in Frame Properties.

 #8.When you are happy with the Blinkie animation, hit the F12 key and 'Save As' your Blinkie name.

The Result  =  Animation2

If you are making your first Blinkie it might seem a lot to do, but after making a few it gets so easy.

Programs Used: Info:
  • PaintShopPro is a very good photo/paint program and a lot faster to use than the more well known (and incomprehensibly expensive) Adobe Photoshop. PSP has lots of ways to edit just about every aspect of an image (lots of ways you probably never knew about) and the features can be combined many, many ways so that even after using it for years you can still find new effects through experimentation.
    It even comes with Animation Shop so you can make cool animations and even mini movies!
    Best buy for the money.   Buy in UK
  • UnFREEz is a high-speed Windows application that will take any number of images, saved as separate GIF files, and create a single animated GIF from those images. What makes this program unique from its competitors? First and foremost, UnFREEz is freeware, which means you may use it forever without paying a cent or feeling the slightest bit guilty. Secondly, UnFREEz is incredibly tiny, meaning you don't have to spend forever downloading an extremely bloated piece of software. Finally, it is so easy to use. Just drag and drop some GIF files from Explorer, set the frame delay time, and hit Make Animated GIF. UnFREEz will take care of the rest, including automatic interlacing and transparency detection. So download UnFREEz now and try it out for yourself! If you like it, keep it; it's Free!

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