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Rainbow TV episode - Clip - Twangers - Innuendo


Web Tools - Index
Blinkie Maker  New
Color Scrollbar Generator
Status Bar Message Code Generator  New
Clock Generator  New  English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Welsh, Dutch or Polish
Monthly BackGround Image Code Generator
Advanced META Tag Generator
Frames Maker: Rainbow Arch
Keywords Wizard
Marquee Generator - Rainbow Arch - Tools
Word Counter - Rainbow Arch - Tools
Rainbow Text Maker
Web Colour Blender
Body Tag Maker - Color Tester
Tables Maker - Rainbow Arch - Tools
Pop-Up Window Maker: Rainbow Arch
Buttons Maker: Rainbow Arch
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Code Generator
IE Filters - Code Generator - Makes  Glowing  3D Emboss Drop Shadow  

Menus Tools - Index
Drop Box Menu Maker: Rainbow Arch
Menu Box Maker: Rainbow Arch
Menu Box: Rainbow Arch
Menu Tree: Rainbow Arch


Scripts - Index
Add Music to your Site
Age Redirect - JavaScript
Animated Document Title - JavaScript
Animate Your Text - JavaScript
Autumn Leaves Fall - with Timeout - JavaScript
Auto Update Copyright - JavaScript
Banner Rotation - JavaScript
Blooming Flower - Cursor Trail
Blinkie Maker Page Script - Make your own Blinkie Maker  New
Blinky Box - JavaScript  New
Bookmark - Favorites - JavaScript - www.Rainbow.Arch
Changing Window - JavaScript
Circling Text Cursor - JavaScript
Clock with seconds - JavaScript
Clock with greeting - JavaScript
Comet Trail Cursor - JavaScript
Count Down - Annual Event- JavaScript
Count Down until Event- JavaScript
Count Down with image- JavaScript
Count Up - time until Event- JavaScript
Count Up Age - time since an Event- JavaScript [ Yr,M,W,D,h:m:s ] New
Counter - JavaScript
Crazy Circle - Javascript
Crazy Worm - Javascript
Cross - Hair - Javascript
Current Date - Javascript
Date Message- Javascript
Dancing Stars Cursor - JavaScript
Daily Change Image - JavaScript
Directory Info - JavaScript
Digital Clock - JavaScript
Disappearing StatusBar Message - JavaScript
Dropping Text - JavaScript
Dropping text - examples
Elastic Balls Trail
Expanding Window - JavaScript
Fade Button - JavaScript
Fancy Updated - JavaScript
Fancy Cursor - JavaScript
Fireworks - JavaScript
Fireworks Display - JavaScript  New
Fireworks Show - JavaScript  New
4th July Fireworks - JavaScript  New
Float Down Drifters - JavaScript  New
Float Up Drifters - JavaScript  New
Fly-in Header - JavaScript
Frameless (Sneeky) Popup Window - JavaScript
Glow Link - JavaScript
Hearts Fall - Drifter - JavaScript
Hide All Status Messages - JavaScript
Hide Some Status Messages - JavaScript
Hide your Email - JavaScript
Kissing Cursor - JavaScript
Last Updated - JavaScript
Last Visited - JavaScript
Link Pointer - JavaScript
Load Alert - Script
Loading Please Wait Alert - Script
Magic Wand Cursor Trail - JavaScript
Magnetic Letters - JavaScript
Make us your Homepage - JavaScript - www.Rainbow.Arch
Mouse Attack - JavaScript
Mouse Clock - JavaScript
Mouse Clock - 2 - JavaScript
Mouse Clock - 3 - JavaScript
Mouse Clock - 4 - JavaScript
 New Also available with date:- English - French - German - Greek - Spanish - Italian - Polish  &  Tiny Size
Mouse Clock - 5 - JavaScript
Mouse Image Spin - JavaScript
Mouse Text Blur - JavaScript
Mouse X Y Position - JavaScript
Multiple Music Track Players
Multi-Effect Button - JavaScript
Must Go Links - JavaScript
Must Visit B4 Link - JavaScript
Must Visit From - JavaScript
Navigation - JavaScript
Neon Lights text - JavaScript
Neon Lights2 text - JavaScript
No Right Click - JavaScript   [ Protect images ]
Post-it - JavaScript
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
Pregnancy Due Date Countdown Script
Pregnancy Weeks Gone and DueDate Script
PreLoad Wait - JavaScript
Rainbow Dolphins Cursor Trail - JavaScript
Rainbow Hearts Cursor Trail - JavaScript
Rainbow Penguin Cursor Trail - JavaScript
Rainbow Links - JavaScript
Rainbow Scrollbar - JavaScript
Rainbow Scrollbar and Border
Rainbow Text - JavaScript
Rainbow Text - 2- JavaScript
Random Counter - JavaScript
Random Tag - JavaScript
Redirect - Day of Week - JavaScript
Redirect - Month of Year - JavaScript
Roaming Cursor - JavaScript
Rose - Cursor Trail
RoseBud - Cursor Trail
Round World Clock - JavaScript
Scroller StatusBar - JavaScript
Shadow Text
Emboss & 3D Letters
Slide Out - JavaScript
Snoopy Follow Cursor Trail - JavaScript
Snow Fall - multiple drifters - JavaScript
Snow Fall 1 - non image - JavaScript
Snow Fall 2 - non image - JavaScript
Snow Fall with Timeout - with multiple images - JavaScript
Slide Status - JavaScript
Space Travel - JavaScript
Star Dust - JavaScript
Star Track - JavaScript
Status Clock - JavaScript
Time Zone Countdown - JavaScript
Time Button - JavaScript
Tinkerbell Fairy - Cursor Trail
Type and Slide StatusBar - JavaScript
Type Writer StatusBar - JavaScript
Website Video

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - Guide

Cascading Style Sheets Explained - Index
How to insert CSS ?
CSS - Text Rollovers
CSS - Cursor Control
Cursor Types
Change Cursors with CSS
Custom Cursors
Desktop Installation
CSS - Classes
CSS - Scrollbars
Color Scrollbars
1 Color Style Scrollbars
Color-Multi Scrollbars
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Code Generator

Ms Agents - Merlin Genie Robby Peedy

What are Ms Agents?
Automatic Install Check
Download Extras + Install Check
Download Agents
Add Ms Agent to your Web Page
Agents Fun Area
Meet the 4 Agents
Melin's Fun Area
Genie's Fun Area
Robby's Fun Area
Peedy's Fun Area
4 Agents Speak

HTML Page Builder

HTML Page Builder
Automatic Link Builder
Cascading Style Sheet Generator
JavaScript Builder
Rainbow Arch: Submit It 4 Free
The HTML Book Store


How Pregnant am I? - ( Conception and trimester dates )
F.A.Q. - ( Frequently Asked Questions )
Multiple JavaScripts - How To?
WebTrack and Java Test
Blinkie Maker Page Script - Build your own Blinkie Maker
How to - Blinkie Tutorial - Build and Animate a Blinkie - Tutorial
The JavaScript Resume Generator
The Table Generator
Typo page
Rainbow TV Clip - Twangers

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