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Change Warp Speed:  

You frequently see it in films or on TV.
This script creates the impression, that you are flying through stars.
The script works both with Internet Explorer (4-6) and with Netscape (4,6).


  1. After <BODY> tag insert the lines:

  2. Choice of variables and background color is up to you,  - save the page.


    •   numb_s=       // - number of stars (we have 20)
    •   speed_s=       // - speed of stars

We have added these lines:

<layer z-Index=2>
<div style="position: relative">

so that the stars are behind your images and text. You can remove them.

 DownloadDownload Font used in header:
  Download (130 kb) true type for Windows
  Download macsjedi.sit (32 kb) true type for Mac