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Star Dust Script  
Full Moon

This script arranges a starlit sky with random stars of yellow, red, blue.
Some of them flickering and twinkling.

Every new loading will change the image. Try to reload this page.

If you do not want the stars to twinkle, delete last line in script:


star dust


  1. After <BODY> tag insert the lines:

  2. Choice of variables and background color is up to you,  - save the page.


    •   widt - the variable indicates the width of your page (you can change it as you like).
    •   heig - you can choose a height, e.g. 1000 px., whatever you like.
    •   numb - stars number (we have 200).

We have added these lines:

<layer z-Index=2>
<div style="position: relative">

so that the stars are behind your images and text. You can remove them.

 DownloadDownload Fonts used above:
  Download (16 kb) true type for Windows  battlestar
  Download (15 kb) true type for Windows  perfectdark