Roaming Cursor
Display a second, "roaming" cursor on your page with this fun animation script. An image resembling the mouse cursor wonders around the screen, rendering an amusing spectacle. The image is customizable, so a cursor is certainly not the only thing you can instruct to roam.

Choose one of the following four images to display as the roaming cursor, and save the image by right clicking it, and selecting "Save As".

cursor.gif cursor2.gif cursor3.gif cursor4.gif   The third cursor may not be suitable for all sites!


    An extra Roaming Cursor can be seen
roaming round the screen.

This script accesses the BODY onload event (window.onload). If you have another script on your page that does the same, one of them will not run. Click here for information on getting both scripts to work simultaneously.

Follow the editing instructions after the // and within the <!--comment tags-->
to customize the script, then copy and paste it into your HTML editor.