Frameless Go-Behind Popup Banners Script
Instructions for Demo

You didn't see a thing, right? That's the idea! Minimize (or even close) this window, and you'll see the frameless banner popup window is still there. The only way to close the banner window in IE (other than Alt-F4) is to click the banner. (NS will show the frame, alas, but otherwise with much of the same functionality.) Called "interstitials" or "go-behinds" in the advertising industry, this technique is considered less intrusive, and tends to get better results than regular in-your-face popup window ads do. An additional trick with this implementation is that the frameless banner window will close when clicked -- just after opening a new window from the ad-click.
The script also includes a basic no-right-click feature in the frameless popup window.
Follow the editing instructions after the // and within the <!--comment tags-->
to customize the script, then copy and paste it into your HTML editor.