Count Up Age Script

Well, here's the deal: I may not have learned much about life -
after all, hard knowing everything when you've only been here for

but, nevertheless, let me explain to you about the way things are...

This 'Count-up age' script will give you time elapsed in
years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds since an event.
Ideal for 'Baby Progress' or 'Little one's Photo' web page
Follow the instructions then copy and paste it into your HTML editor.
Example of where codes go here

This Script controls the age CountUp
*** SET the DATE and TIME in HERE ***
  Box-A     Copy and Paste into HEAD of HTML

This is the Style Sheet to control what age will look like.
(You can change the font, color, size etc. here.)

  Box-B     Copy and Paste Style Sheet into HEAD of HTML

This diplays age on the page.

 Box-C   Copy and Paste into BODY where you want age to appear