Snow Fall with Timeout - with multiple images

[ Runs for set time (20 Seconds in this demo) then stops. ]

This snow fall script allows images to seemingly float down a web page like gently falling snowflakes.
The script used on this page is running four different images, but can be configured to use less or more.

The script stops running after 20 seconds but this can be changed.
Find this line near the end of the code and change:
  setTimeout("Stop=true", 20000); // *** Delay 1000 = 1 second ***  

You could also use other images such as leaves, hearts, flowers, stars, or confetti but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Example of :
Count Down Script


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Browser Compatibility: FF -  IE -  NN -  O


Here are some other snow images you could use.
Be sure to copy them and load them into the same directory as your HTML page.
Or you can load up your own images to use in the same way!

    Follow the editing instructions after the // and within the <!--comment tags-->
to customize the script, then copy and paste it into your HTML editor.