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"This web site uses Microsoft Agent technology"
Merlin, Genie, Peedy & Robby MS Agent Characters
- Copyright 1996  - 2004 Microsoft

This Javascript will add a Microsoft Agent to your web page. The default Agent is Merlin.
  ( The Ms Agent Core Components are already installed on Windows XP, 2000, and Me. )
Note Make Agents Speak!
Microsoft Agent uses SAPI 4.0 to have it's agents speak. However, now, Windows XP is shipped with SAPI 5.0 which is not compatible with this, so your agents cannot speak. Thankfully, both SAPI 4.0 and 5.0 can be on your computer at the same time with no problems, so you need to install SAPI 4.0 before Agents can speak. Please download and install it from http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/sapi/spchapi.exe
and then follow the next instructions.

If the chosen character file is not found on viewing computer, the script will then work using a file over the internet, and will be slower than normal.   Please be patient.
Note Note: To download the character file, select Download Agents on the main menu or click on link to the right of Agents code.

• There are many Agents available and those used at Rainbow Arch can be found here.
Javascripts to add Ms Agents to your site can be found below.
 Merlin  |  Genie  |  Robby  |  Peedy

Ms Agent Add On Instructions
Copy the code next to the Agent and paste into your HTML editor, then follow the editing instructions after the // and within the <!--comment tags--> to customize the script.

For instructions on how to control the Agents can be found here.

Merlin Character

The Wizard
(1.8 MB)
Note WINDOWS 2000/XP/ME Users: 
Merlin is already installed on Windows 2000/XP and Windows ME, so you should not need to install him.

Genie Character

The Genie
(1.6 MB)

Robby Character

The Robot
(2.2 MB)

Peedy Character

The Parrot
(3.3 MB)

If you use an Agent other than the default Agent your visitors may not have that Agent on their computer, so offer them a download link to the Agent you use.

There are many Agent characters available and many more are being created.  Now that you have Microsoft Agent installed on your computer, you only have to download additional Characters as they become available and save them to your C:\WINDOWS\MSAGENT\CHARS or C:\WINNT\MSAGENT\CHARS folder, depending on your operating system.  To see which characters you may have click on link above.


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