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"This web site uses Microsoft Agent technology"
Merlin, Genie, Peedy & Robby MS Agent Characters
- Copyright © 1996  - 2004 Microsoft

This section describes how to install the MS Agent characters for FREE....  no technical knowledge required. First click here to check if the Agent engine is already installed.  If not installed click here.

These characters are extremely useful methods for attracting the attention of web visitors and explaining important information.  Because they're adaptive and customizable, they tend to improve communication and reach more people than traditional web site media.

For example, if your computer already supports MS Agents, then Merlin (or one of his friends) is probably already speaking to you.  However, don't worry if you don't see Merlin since we'll show you how to set him up.

A taste of the agents available below... click on the button to download them.
( The quickest way to install is just to choose "Open" or "Run this file from its current location." )

Note  * WINDOWS 2000/XP/ME Users: 
Merlin is already installed on Windows 2000/XP and     Windows ME, so you should not need to install him.
Windows XP You may need to install SAPI 4.0 before you can hear Agents speak.    Please download and install it from

I am Merlin your wise and magical companion.
Download Merlin Character
The Wizard
(1.8 MB)

I am your humble, but powerful, servant of the lamp. Summon me forth to do your bidding Download Genie Character
The Genie
(1.6 MB)

I am an interactive cybernetic assistant, constructed at the Interactive Persona Labs. Download Robby Character
The Robot
(2.2 MB)

I am your Personal Digital Parrot (Peedy for short) and very fond of crackers and good music Download Peedy Character
The Parrot
(3.3 MB)

There are many Agent characters available and many more are being created.  Now that you have Microsoft Agent installed on your computer, you only have to download additional Characters as they become available and save them to your C:\WINDOWS\MSAGENT\CHARS or C:\WINNT\MSAGENT\CHARS folder, depending on your operating system.  To see which characters you may have click on link above.


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