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"This web site uses Microsoft Agent technology"
Merlin, Genie, Peedy & Robby MS Agent Characters
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  • MsAgents have fun here.  You will need MsAgents engine installed. (Install here)
  • The default character of Merlin, he is the only one included on Windows® operating system.  These pages use characters Merlin, Genie, Robby and Peedy.  To enjoy these pages it is best to have at least these 4 main characters.

  • Fun from Merlin.  Merlin sings and tells some jokes.

  • Fun with Genie.  Genie tells it like it is with jokes and stories.

  • Peedy's fun pages.  Try Peedy's tongue twisters and order a pizza. ( also in Italian )

  • Agents speak.  Merlin, Genie, Robby and Peedy say what you type.

  • Meet the 4 Agents.  All 4 Agent greet you and talk about themselves.



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