Use this IE Filter Generator, the easy way to make 3D, Glow or Shadow text.

What are IE Filters?

CSS filters are a great way to add effects to text, images and other aspects of a webpage without having to make special graphics.

These filters can give you shadow, 3D or glowing text as well as the ability to flip, blur or distort your text in many ways.

Filters only work on Internet Explorer 4.0+, and only work on text if height and width are specified. Some of them only work on an image if it has transparent parts.

If you are on Netscape, none of these text effects can be seen with your browser, perhaps they will in the future.

Make your text stand out.

Add a filter to your fonts to produce either glowing text or a drop shadow.

This is a glow filter using black font and a lime filter.

This is a shadow filter using red font and a black filter.

This is a drop shadow filter using yellow font and color #808080 filter.

This is a drop shadow filter using black font
and color=#EEEEEE, offx=2, offy=1 filter.

This is a blur filter using blue font.

This is a wave filter using blue font.

This is a FlipH filter using gold font.

This is a FlipV filter using lime font.

This is an alpha filter using navy font.

One last thing. You can use multiple filters on the one object to create some really interesting effects:

Like This<span style="width:80;height:70;font-size:34px;font-family:verdana;color:#000000;font-weight:bold;filter:mask(color=#000000) shadow(color=#FF0080, direction=135) chroma(color=#000000)">Like This</span>

IE Filters Code Generator

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    font style:

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