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Rainbow Arch - Scripts and Web Tools
Rainbow Arch - Scripts Mania

We have all types of scripts to help you improve your site, if it's just to get the layout or colours right, we have got the script for you. Web site promotion tools are here as well for the beginner and those with more knowledge

Your Web site improvements
Improve your site with javascript, these can give your site that little extra and make your visitors come back time and time again.

New   Latest Tools and Scripts

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Webpage Add-on Script
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Parlez Franšais Merlin

Cascading Style Sheets
(CSS) Code Generator

CSS Code Generator makes it easier to create your
Cascading Style Sheets.

By separating layout from content, CSS makes it easier to create and maintain websites. One style sheet can even be used to style an entire site. By updating that one file you instantly update your site.

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These Scripts are Free to use
The scripts are free and to keep them that way please take time to visit our sponsors now and again.

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Your say - here

I want visitors to tell me what they want or any improvments I can make to help you. If you use these scripts let us know and our visitors will visit your site and see how well you've done.

Color Scrollbar Generator

How do you get those scrollbars like that?

Scrollbar Color generatorThis handy generator will build your Scrollbar Colour code for you. Just use the drop downs to fill in the colours, see result as you fill, hit the COPY CODE button, and then paste into your HTML

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Advanced META Tag Generator

To get noticed by search engines you need good Meta Tags. This handy form will build your Meta Tags for you.
Just fill it in, hit the CREATE META tags button, and your Meta Tags will be provided for you.

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Keywords Wizard

Copy your web page text into the box and this wizard will Analize and Generate a list of keywords from your text.

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Html Page Builder

Page Builder is a JavaScript-based HTML generator that can create cascading style sheets, resumes, marques, etc. Its Meta tag generator can add popular search items, eliminate duplicate words, and form plurals on its own. It also features a WYSIWG display that can show you how the code will appear as you type, a javaScript library, a marquee builder and much more.
This JavaScript program runs best on IE 5+